October 04, 2021

The Ultimate Accelera Badak X-Treme Review

While many of you may not be familiar with the extreme MT tyre, the Accelera Badak X-Treme, you should be. This bias-ply constructed, DOT-approved, high-traction off-road tyre will surely turn heads as you watch it power throw steep hill-climbs, dig its way through deep mud, and absolutely demolish the off-road trails.  

This beast is made of a 6-ply polyester blend which provides the brut strength and durability needed to be put through the gauntlet that is off-road driving. Its rate for a C load rating, which will allow it to handle any truck you mount these on. Its aggressive tread pattern is unmatched by most MT tyres, with thick tread blocks that follow a zigzagging, bias-ply tread pattern. This pattern encourages maximum grip and durability in intense terrain.  

Road Performance 

For a tyre that is designed for aggressive off-road usage, this tyre packs in some great on-road performance. This is due to its radial construction. The Badak X-Treme features less on-road “sway” than is typical with tyres that are made with such thick tread blocks. The reason for this sway is because of the flexing of the tread blocks that provide you traction in off-road usage.  

As expected, this tyre does ride with some road noise, but honestly what truck-head doesn’t love the rumble of their tyre running down the road. Even with this road-noise, it is still way less noisy than many similar tyres. 

The Badak X-Treme is known for its durability, so it should be no surprise that it wears well on asphalt. Even after 600 miles of on-road driving the tyres only show mild casting marks. Even with its extreme design, it’s important to note that the proper PSI needs to be run on the tyre to prevent uneven wear.  

Off-Road Performance 

When it comes time for the Badak X-Treme to show off its talents, it outperforms in the mud. It doesn’t matter if you are bogging through thick, sticky sludge, red clay, or deep “pudding-like” boggs; these grunts will power through any challenging terrain.  

One of the primary features of the Badak X-Treme features is the inclusion of a lateral center bar, which is an absolute game-changer when trying to steer in slippery conditions. While turning off of slippery conditions and onto a steep hill, the Badak X-Treme showcases undeniable grip and moves forward in the direction it is pointed.  

As the tire tackles, steep hill climbs it grips the loose dry dirt to provide absolute control. The lateral stability that the center bar provides, makes turning out of ruts on the climb extremely manoeuvrable. Even driving over solidly packed dirt this tyre rips forward, right where you want it.  

The Final Word 

The Accelera Badak X-Treme is one of the best low-cost alternatives for extreme mud-terrain tyres. These beasts are engineered with some of the most aggressive tread patterns out there. Coupled with its central bar, these tyres have the traction and control to handle any terrain you throw at them. Whether you’re bogging in waist-deep mud, blasting over steep hill-climbs, or digging yourself out of a rut; these bad boys have your back.