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Explore Bulk Buying at Tire Streets!

Save up to 20% on selected products when you buy 8 or more! Whether you're burning through rubber on the track or you and your friends want to get together and save money on a new set of tyres, we have you covered with our bulk buying discount.

How does bulk buying work?

  1. You pick the tyres you want (you can even mix and match on 651 Sport range).
  2. You add the quantity you want to the basket.
  3. The discount automatically applies.
  4. You buy.
  5. You burn.
  6. You love.

It's that easy...

Save 20%

Accelera 651 sport

50% Road. 50% Track. 

Have your cake and eat it - The Accelera 651 Sport is your one stop tyre. Slay the track and get home safely, all in one tyre. Engineered with a medium semi-slick race compound, the 651 Sport is all about grip and control. 

Save 20% when you buy 8 or more.


Save 20%

Accelera 651 sport XTRA

75% Track. 25% Road.

Need that ultimate qualifying lap? The Accelera 651 Sport XTRA is the performance tyre designed for those wanting peak grip above all else. 

Save 20% when you buy 8 or more.

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Save 10%

Otani BM2000

80% Drift. 20% Road.

Break traction, not the bank.

Otani’s new cutting-edge BM2000 drift tyre has been engineered to deliver serious performance with drifting sessions.

Save 10% when you buy 8 or more.

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