BAR to PSI Conversion

Convert BAR to PSI

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is paramount for ensuring safety, increasing fuel efficiency, and prolonging tyre lifespan. Find the right tyre pressure for your car tyres using the BAR to PSI conversion table available at Tire Streets. Tyre pressure is commonly measured in BAR (bars), PSI (pounds per square inch) and kPa (kilopascal), and it is no different in the UK.

Let’s understand BAR pressure and how to convert BAR to PSI below:

What is BAR pressure?

BAR pressure is a metric unit used to measure pressure, equivalent to 100,000 Pascals. It represents the force exerted by a fluid per unit area, similar to the force of a 10-meter column of water.

How to convert BAR to PSI:

Converting BAR to PSI is a simple process. 1 Bar is approximately equivalent to 14.504 PSI. So, the BAR to PSI formula is:

Bar x 14.504 = PSI.

For example: 2.5 BAR to PSI is 36.36 PSI. This is calculated using the formula:

2.5 (BAR) x 14.504 = 36.26 PSI.

And, if you have a pressure of 2.2 BAR, the equivalent pressure in PSI would be 31.91 PSI.

When does BAR to PSI conversion help?

You might be living in a country where the imperial measurement system is dominant, and you purchased a car from another country where the metric system is used. It is then essential to know BAR to PSI conversion and vice versa.

It is also helpful when reading vehicle manuals and manufacturer guidelines to find the right tyre pressure in PSI.


BAR to PSI Conversion Table

Here is a full table with quick BAR to PSI conversions:

BAR (Bar)

PSI (Pound per square inch)

1.3 bar to psi

18.86 psi

1.4 bar to psi

20.31 psi

1.5 bar to psi

21.76 psi

1.6 bar to psi

23.21 psi

1.7 bar to psi

24.66 psi

1.8 bar to psi

26.11 psi

1.9 bar to psi

27.56 psi

2 bar to psi

29.01 psi

2.1 bar to psi

30.46 psi

2.2 bar to psi

31.91 psi

2.3 bar to psi

33.36 psi

2.4 bar to psi

34.81 psi

2.5 bar to psi

36.26 psi

2.6 bar to psi

37.71 psi

2.7 bar to psi

39.16 psi

2.8 bar to psi

40.61 psi

2.9 bar to psi

42.06 psi

3 bar to psi

43.51 psi

3.1 bar to psi

44.96 psi

3.2 bar to psi

46.41 psi

3.3 bar to psi

47.86 psi

3.4 bar to psi

49.31 psi

3.5 bar to psi

50.76 psi

3.6 bar to psi

52.21 psi

3.7 bar to psi

53.66 psi

3.8 bar to psi

55.12 psi

3.9 bar to psi

56.57 psi

4 bar to psi

58.02 psi

4.1 bar to psi

59.47 psi

4.2 bar to psi

60.92 psi

4.3 bar to psi

62.37 psi

4.4 bar to psi

63.82 psi

4.5 bar to psi

65.27 psi

4.6 bar to psi

66.72 psi

4.7 bar to psi

68.17 psi

4.8 bar to psi

69.62 psi

4.9 bar to psi

71.07 psi

5 bar to psi

72.52 psi

5.1 bar to psi

73.97 psi

5.2 bar to psi

75.42 psi

5.3 bar to psi

76.87 psi

5.4 bar to psi

78.32 psi

5.5 bar to psi

79.77 psi

5.6 bar to psi

81.22 psi

5.7 bar to psi

82.67 psi

5.8 bar to psi

84.12 psi

5.9 bar to psi

85.57 psi

6 bar to psi

87.02 psi

6.1 bar to psi

88.47 psi

6.2 bar to psi

89.92 psi

6.3 bar to psi

91.38 psi

6.4 bar to psi

92.83 psi

6.5 bar to psi

94.28 psi

6.6 bar to psi

95.73 psi

6.7 bar to psi

97.18 psi

6.8 bar to psi

98.63 psi

6.9 bar to psi

100.08 psi

7 bar to psi

101.53 psi



Frequently Asked Questions About BAR to PSI Conversion:

  • How to Convert 1 Bar to Psi

1 bar = 14.504 psi. So, the formula to convert 1 bar to psi is:

1 (Bar) x 14.504 = 14.504 PSI.


  • 1 PSI equals how many BARs?

1 PSI = 0.0689475729 BAR


  • What is BAR or PSI?

Both BAR and PSI are units used to measure pressure, with the bar being more prevalent in metric countries and psi in non-metric countries like the United States.


With the above information from Tire Streets about the right tyre pressure in PSI, you can convert bar to psi quickly and easily.