August 06, 2021

Accelera PHI - The Tyre Trilogy

Tire Streets sells three different PHI tyres, the Accelera PHI, the PHI 2, and the PHI R. But how do they differ?

The trilogy of PHI tyres is great for street driving, canyon runs, in almost any condition. Do you want to be able to perform on a track in either drift or racing situations? Do you have a  low HP car (anything less than 400hp)? The PHI tyres will give you that opportunity without breaking the bank. 

If you’re just starting to explore the world of drifting or track racing, the PHI tyres are ideal to ignite that passion for burning rubber and setting quick lap times.

Although the three tyres are all performance tyres, there are some subtle differences that are important for you to know. 

The PHI tyres give a wide range of performance options. Both in the UK and US, there is a demand for ultra-high performance tyres that can function on the road as well as the track.

Accelera PHI Tyre Differences

As every driver knows, no matter the application, having the right tyre for the right application could mean anything from 1st to 7th or even the amount £££ out of your bank account.

If you want the ultimate grip on the track, burning rubber, and creating smoke, the Accelera PHI, PHI 2, and PHI R can give you similar performance. All three are performance-based tyres and are very similar. To break it down, the Accelera PHI R is the newest of three tyres, it has an additional sip for improved wet performance and tyre life. While the Accelera PHI and PHI 2 have the same tread pattern but the PHI 2 is sold in larger fitments. 

Now which tyre is right for you?

It is hard to say. The PHI trilogy is comprised of three very similar tyres.  What it comes down to is what is your tyre size and what performance you are looking for? If you are a driver that wants to use a tyre on a daily basis while being able to perform on the track? The PHI R is the most versatile and newest of the three, the tread and compound have been designed to withstand daily use while giving optimal grip. Not to mention the best all-season performance out of all the three tyres.

If you are looking for more of an in-between race and street tyre then the pattern of the PHI and PHI 2 is perfect for you. The wearability of this tyre makes it great to daily or burn while drifting. Just like most street tyres though be sure to heat cycle it appropriately otherwise you might deal with chunking. 

Conclusion of the trilogy...

As seen above this can be confusing. The PHI trilogy is very similar in their purpose but vary in size specifications and latest tyre tread. The PHI trilogy is at home on the track as well as the road, from the opening blockbuster of the PHI tyre, to the inevitable sequel that is the PHI 2 and is designed for larger fitments, and then to conclude the trilogy is the PHI R, which is versatile, sturdy and the latest tyre from the trilogy.

This trilogy of tyres poses an exciting option for your driving needs, you will have a unique option of multiple tyres. If you’re in the market for a strong, reliable, and exciting tyre, the PHI tyres are ideal for you.