How to

Read your tyre size

Use our guide below to easily and quickly find your tyre size from the side of your existing tyres. Alternatively you can perform a search using your vehicle registration.

How to Determine Your Tyre Size

Discovering your tyre size is a straightforward process, primarily accomplished by examining the sidewall of the tyre. Most tyre manufacturers prominently display the tyre size on this part. However, it's crucial to note that certain luxury vehicles, like Mercedes, may have different tyre sizes for the front and rear wheels. In such cases, it's essential to identify the specific tyre you intend to replace.

If the tyre size is not visible on the sidewall, consult your vehicle handbook for the information. In the absence of a handbook or if the size isn't indicated on the tyre, you can use our 'search by reg' tyre size lookup feature by entering your vehicle registration.

Understanding Your Tyre Size

Deciphering your tyre size involves interpreting a sequence of letters and numbers with specific meanings.

  1. Width: The initial set of numbers denotes the width of the tyre, measured from tread to sidewall in millimetres. Example: 205 = 205mm

  2. Profile: The next two numbers represent the tyre's profile, indicating its height as a percentage of the width. Example: 55 = The height is 55% of the tyre's width.

  3. Rim Size: The wheel size is composed of two components.

    • R = Tyre Construction: Denoting a radial ply construction, which is standard for car tyres.
    • 16 = Rim Diameter: Indicates a 16-inch rim.
  4. Load: The load index is a numeric value indicating the tyre's maximum load capacity. Different tyres have varying load indexes to accommodate a range of vehicle weights. Example: 91 = Load index

  5. Speed: The speed symbol signifies the tyre's speed capability. It is crucial to match the speed symbol with the intended vehicle use to ensure safe operation. Example: V = Speed Symbol

By understanding these tyre specifications, you can confidently identify the right tyre size for your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and safety.