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Tire Streets UK are the proud official tyre sponsor for Auto Alex Cars

Auto Alex


We're super pleased to be the official partner of the @AutoAlex Cars YouTube Channel. We are their exclusive supplier of tyres for all their car builds, adventures and challenges. We share the same passion for performance and value and are really excited to burn some rubber together. Check them out now!

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Tire Streets are proud to be a main sponsor for ShedFest. The event is attended in the thousands for the celebration of the UK’s greatest, quirkiest and rustiest sheds, making sure get the respect they deserve!

Alex and his team will showcase their star cars (so long as they don’t break down en route!), and are looking forward to meeting and chatting to every like-minded shed lover.

From High-Mileage Heroes to diesel-swapped Supras, ShedFest will celebrate automotive oddities among a star-studded line up of your favourite YouTubers.

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