August 22, 2023

When To Change Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid serves as the backbone of your vehicle's braking system, facilitating efficient braking power. Over time, it can degrade due to moisture, temperature shifts, and contaminants, compromising its performance.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Fluid Change:

1.    Visual Check: Fresh brake fluid is clear or slightly yellow. Dark or murky fluid signals the need for a change.

2.    Brake Pedal Feel: Brake pedals should be firm and resistant. A soft brake pedal suggests air or moisture in the fluid, indicating a brake fluid change is due.

3.    Warning Lights: Dashboard brake warnings may point to low brake fluid levels or issues requiring attention.

4.    Increased Stopping Distance: Longer stops or less responsive brakes could mean the brake fluid's efficiency has decreased.


How to make brake fluid last longer?

Before a brake fluid change, clean calliper bleeder valves thoroughly. This prevents dirt or debris from contaminating the fluid during the bleeding process.

What is the recommended interval between brake fluid changes?

Changing brake fluid every two years is advised. You can adjust this based on the terrain, load, and driving frequency. Look out for your vehicle manufacturer recommendations. It might be every 2 years or every 24,000 miles.

Can you change the brake fluid yourself?

You might not be able to do a complete brake fluid flush yourselves, but you can do a fluid swap. This procedure won’t replace all the old fluid with fresh brake fluid, but you’ll introduce enough new fluid to make a difference.

We recommend you trust in professionals for this intricate task to ensure the right fluid is replaced completely and to the correct limit. 

How to choose the right brake fluid?

Opt for manufacturer-recommended, high-quality brake fluid. It ensures compatibility and top-notch performance.

Regular checks, professional servicing, and maintaining proper intervals guarantee optimal brake performance. By mastering when to change brake fluid you can actively enhance road safety.

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