September 08, 2021

Off-Roading in the UK

As Tire Streets starts to sell the Accelera Badak X-Treme in the UK, I thought I would explore the off-road situation in the British Isles and how you can dominate the mud, hills, and anything in your way. 

Whether you’re looking for a purpose-built off-road place or a location in the UK that encourages aggressive off-road driving, the UK has everything for you. 

Wales and Scotland both spring to mind when you think of places to slap on some off-road tyres and get aggressive. Both countries are naturally hilly and have some great off-road areas. Most notably the Bealach Na Ba route in Scotland and the famous Strata Florida in Wales, which passes through Forestry and open countryside. Both routes cover tough mud, gravel terrain and will push the driver, vehicle, and tyres to the limit.

England is not short of off-road routes, there are numerous places that you can enjoy and explore. Bovey Castle at Dartmoor National Park jumps out at me as the perfect example, it encourages tyre angles and the love of getting down and dirty.

The Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, and the Honister Pass, Cumbria are beautiful routes that give that passionate off-roader the opportunity to get stuck in and travel.

If you want guaranteed mud and action, there are centres that you can drive and expect tough conditions. They will allow you to enjoy off-road routes in safety before you venture into the unknown. An example of this is the Kirton off-road centre or the White Cliff 4x4

As you can see the UK has plenty of off-road options, so what are you waiting for?

So what is the Accelera Badak X-Treme...

Now here is a not-so-subtle plug of our new off-road tyre, the Accelera Badak X-Treme. We are excited to bring the UK off-roaders this aggressive, exciting tyre. 

You can sum up the Badak in a few words; tough, durable, control, and a beast, enough said.

We recognised a growing number of off-roaders and the number of routes and areas that the tyre can thrive in. Having proved successful in the US, it was the next step to bring it to the UK audience. Clearly, the UK has a passion for motorsport, automotive, and everything cars. To be able to sell off-road tyres to a UK audience makes perfect sense. 

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When? Where? How?

If you’re new to off-roading, thinking of changing your off-road tyres, and want to try something new. Tire Streets has the ideal solution, we offer a ‘Ride or Return’ policy which allows you to use the tyres and then return them if they aren’t your cup of tea. More information is on our website.

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