September 15, 2021

Drifting In The UK - What is the real situation?

Known for its burning rubber, loud noises, and exciting action. Drifting is for the real die-hard petrol heads, in the US people gather all over the country every weekend either to compete in professional drifting competitions or just to enjoy the fresh air, slap on some tyres, and get smoking.

Across the pond in the UK, drifting has become hugely popular with the British Drifting Championship headlining the act. There are also local events throughout the country, in the next couple of months, there is the MSUK Drift Pro Championship and the Drift Matsuri which brings together local enthusiasts to battle, enjoy their passion, and let off some steam.

On the professional side of British Drifting, the two final events of the British Drifting Championship are Teesside - Night Fight and Battle Royale - Buxton with Steven McConnell in his Nissan PS13 leading the way. The championship is closely fought each year, racing around the country, with 52 pro drivers competing in modified drifting machines.

Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni, a British Drifting Champion has created a global following and built a reputation for incredible racing. It is even better that he works closely with Tire Streets.

The passion for drifting in the UK has grown over the last 10 years with more purpose-built drifting venues. As well as a wide selection of cars that can be adapted to drifting, such as the Nissan S13, Nissan S14, Toyota Corolla AE86, BMW 3-Series, Toyota Chaser, Mazda MX-5, Nissan 350Z, Volvo 340, Nissan Skyline R33 and Mazda RX-7. These can be modified fairly cheaply, this meant a new wave of drifting fans came pouring in.

Up and down the country, you can enjoy drifting on a budget with drifting experiences and lessons. This is the ideal first step into the world of drifting. In the world of motorsport, drifting is like the younger brother that doesn’t play by the rules, it is loud, aggressive, and built on passion. 

Is There A Drifting Tyre Out There?

A drifting tyre needs the right combination of grip and slip, Tire Streets have two tyres for you to choose from, we have the Accelera 651 Sport and the Accelera 651 Sport XTRA. Both have been built to dominate the track, these two are the most popular tyres that we sell. 

Both tyres have similar components but with one with a little extra. You may have already heard of the Accelera 651 Sport, but we thought if we would remind you if you are new to the drifting scene.

These tyres are perfect for amateurs and experienced drifters, with one click we can deliver to your door. If you fancy maybe a couple more tyres, we have bulk buying which basically means the more you buy the more you save.

Can I Just Try Them Out?

If you just want to test the water with some drift tyres. You are in luck at Tire Streets we have a Ride or Return policy that allows you to use and return if they are not to your taste. This is perfect if you are just setting out on your drifting journey, but just to remind you this policy only applies to your first set. 

Ride or return:

Accelera 651 Sport:

Accelera 651 Sport Xtra: