By Cody Whisinnand

Baggsy joined Monster Energy’s Petter Solberg on his Farewell Tour at Oultan Park to make some smoke and burn rubber for the World Rally Championship. Armed with the LSXR35 Baggsy was ready to give the rally crowd a show they would not forget. With Tess Whittock and Luke Woodham, they were able to put on a spectacle of smoke and fire that was sure to excite the crowd.  

As soon as the show was finished Baggsy was off to jet across the Atlantic for another NASCAR appearance for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Baggsy and his fellow Monster Athletes put on a smoke show demo in front of a crowd of 100,000 people in at Dover International Speedway in Delaware, US. The hectic month of September had a fantastic finish with Baggsy enjoying the race from the inner circle.