Written by Cody Whisinnand 

The start of the season is fast approaching, and that’s when you realise, “Sh*t I never bought any tyres!” That’s where Tire Streets got its start, we know that drivers need an easy way to order their tyres that doesn’t fuss over shipping or cost a king’s ransom.  

So, what is our deal? We carry high-quality, street-legal racing tires that cost a fraction of what you’re used to. Not only that, but we also offer free shipping on every order (whether your order 2 or 200 tyres)because math sucks and you shouldn’t have to do it. 

You don’t deserve to run on used rubber, and you shouldn’t be paying a fortune for tyres either. That’s why Tire Streets developed a no-nonsense way to order tyres that saves you time and money.  

Keeping that opinion in mind, we developed a Bulk Buying program that incentivizes you to buy all the rubber you need at highly discounted pricesWhether you burn through 60 tyres a month or want to get your mates together and save some cash, it makes no difference to us. Order big, save big 

After a few years into it, we realized we were ace in the tyre game, so we developed a tire education blog to help drivers maximize the potential of their rubber. Later we learned tyre education sounded lame, so we renamed it as Circle Science. Now, we are expanding it to include articles about the racing community and topics we actually care about.   

That’s the meat and potatoes of who we are, but there is so much more to find out. Feel free to learn more by cyber-stalking us, like we just started dating your ex. 


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