Gymkhana GRiD started out with a special project for Baggsy with the premier of Baggsy’s new film, “Return to Driftenberg.” As a second instalment of the successful film, “The Driftenberg Project,” the film features a high-speed, drift police chase.  

The film features cameos from Liam Doran, Andreas Bakkerud, Shane Lynch, Mareike Fox, and the mayor of Fichtenberg, Roland Miola. The film took four days to shoot and was shot in the centre of FichtenbergThe film stands out from so many other drifting videos, by being shot on the main roads with a professional team.  

Even with the road closures and high-speed chases throughout the town, the people of Fichtenberg love the film. The 70’s themed adrenaline-filled adventure is loved so much by the town that their mayor, Roland Miola proposed creating Driftenberg Day as a yearly holiday. 

You can check out the video here, and feel free to share it with your friends on social media! 


After the excitement of the premier died down, the real action was just about to begin at Gymkhana GRiDThe event took over the PTAK Warsaw Expo Centre in Poland and was the largest GRiD to date. With the track being twice the size of GRiD 2018, there were plenty of opportunities to burn tyres. 

After just falling short of the podium last month, Baggsy came to GRiD hungry for the win. Packing all the artillery he has, he brought both the PS13V8 to dominate in competition and the 1200hp LSXR35 for the Smoke & Style competition. 

After dialling in specifically for GRiD Baggsy took 1st in RWD seeding with a cumulative time of 3:11.337. Moving forward Baggsy took down Dominic Kouba after bagging a 3:17.227 moving into the Top 8. During the Top 8 and belted out an incredible 1:33.010, however, received a DNF on the second run of his Top 8 run ending his competition early.