Written by Cody Whisinnand  

Whether you are new on the scene or you are an established PROAM, everyone needs a solid tyre that can grip in any condition. That’s where the Accelera 651 Sport comes into play. This grippy tyre can perform any day, rain or shine. 

It’s no secret that the weather in the United Kingdom is wet. Which is no big deal until your tyre can't grip the asphalt and you go careening into a corner. No one enjoys that. That’s why we recommend the Accelera 651 Sport because it is designed with water-film breaking grooves that provides excellent grip in wet conditions.  

This sucker has three grooves that run the circumference of the tyre to push water down and back, while directional grooves on the sides throw the water out of the sides of the tire. This increases the tyre’s contact with the road, giving you better grip and control. 

The 651 Sport is made with r-compounds that are literally engineered to warm up and provide you with supreme grip.  As the premier tyre for Steve “Baggsy” Biagioniit’s been trusted in even the most trying conditions. 

“I’ve run 123s, RE760s, and ATR sports and these 651 tyres outperformed all of them by a long shot! The wet grip from these tyres are far superior to the dry grip of any other tyre, and the dry grip is unbelievable.” Exclaimed James in a review about the Accelera 651 Sport. 

Whether you’re looking for elite performance on the street or you’re looking to shred corners on the track, the Accelera 651 Sport has the technology you need and a price you want.