By Cody Whisinnand

The end of June brought around one of the most heavily talked about rounds of Drift Masters. Taking place in Plock Stadium in Poland, a custom-built track is erected inside of the football stadium. Last year’s event was one of the most talked-about and it looked like history was about to repeat itself.  

Baggsy was armed and ready for battle with the PS13V8. Scoring and 84 during his first qualifying run and a 91 in his second, he was sitting comfortably in 4th place. 

After an impressive qualifying round, the stands were packed with 10,000 onlookers, and more than 1,000,000 people streaming the event online. During the Top 32 battle, Baggsy was facing off against Brandy Bradner.  

During the beginning of the round, Baggsy took the lead. While pushing the PS13V8 heavily through the technical and fast-paced track, he started off with an excellent run. However, while in chase position, Baggsy made contact with the unforgiving wall on initiation ending his weekend early.