By Cody Whisinnand


September turned out to be a hectic month for our mate Baggsy. The month started off with a bang with the Drift Masters European Championship in Mondello Park, Ireland. Keeping everyone on their toes, there was a revised track layout, promising an action-packed battle for a championship. 

The first two days provided great weather and practice, which allowed the drivers to get comfortable with the new track layout. As the main event rounded the corner the Irish skies opened, and the weather changed from sunny and dry to wet and cloudy. 

Even with the conditioners worsening as the event continued Baggsy was able to continue progressing through qualifiers and the top 16 brackets. However, as Baggsy battled Andrius Vasiliauskas, there was plenty of standing water that caused Baggsy to hit an aquaplane causing him to make contact with a wall. Not to be put out, Baggsy continued through the round. However, he was unable to recover from the crash and his weekend ended early.